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FEKO, with eight workstations, manufactures rubber, plastic, reinforcing steel, metal parts, spring components and provides metal, rubber and plastic templates.
Sheet Forming: Reinforcement sheets are prepared from the DKP or chrome sheet plates of suitable quality in the eccentric press unit with sheet forming molds designed by our expert engineers.

Surface Preparation: It is ensured that the parts have a suitable surface in the pre-coating, degreasing and deburring baths in order to obtain the appropriate adhesion force during the vulcanization process. The surface of the parts is plated with zinc phosphate under controlled conditions. Adhesives are applied to the surfaces of reinforced steel sheets with automatic systems.

Rubber Paste Preparation: The paste recipes designed in accordance with ASTM D 2000 standard, customer and product requirements are prepared in a banbury machine with a capacity of 1.5 tons / day. Tested rubber pulps are prepared in suitable form and weight in the preformer machine to be used in compression molding system.

Vulcanization Unit: The vulcanization process of rubber parts is performed in compression presses in specially designed compression molds.

Injection Unit: Plastic seals and bearing parts are produced with precise tolerances using plastic raw materials selected according to the function of the part.

Spring Preparation: Steel and chrome wires in suitable standards are prepared according to the automatic spring winding machines’ determined standards.

Packaging: Sealing products are packaged in automatic packaging machines that allow the product to be stored under suitable conditions, after 100% visual inspection and periodic measurement controls.

Mold Making: CAD data of vulcanization, injection and cold metal forming molds are prepared by design engineers. Molds are produced on CNC preparation machines with CAM programs using precision preparation techniques.

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