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The design, production conditions and suitability of sealing elements, the main raw material of which is rubber, are of great importance as well as storage conditions. In cases where proper storage conditions are not met, the product life is shortened and leakage problems are encountered.

The characteristics of the sealing elements storage environment should be as follows:

  • Temperature of Environment: The storage environment of the sealing element produced from elastomeric materials should be maximum 30 C. In high temperatures, rubber materials permanently harden. As a result, the performance of the sealing element in the working environment decreases. Storage environment at very low temperatures causes the rubber to become brittle. Seals stored at low temperatures should be maintain to prevent breakage during storage.

  • Humidity: The relative humidity of the environment should be below 70%. The high relative humidity occurs after the temperature change, resulting in a corrosive environment due to condensation. It also causes some rubber materials to deteriorate depending on the base polymer.

  • Heat Sources:Elastomeric sealing elements should be stored in places with no direct contact with the heat emitted from heat sources. Permanent changes occur in the physical and chemical structure of rubber materials that expose direct contact with heat. These changes negatively affect the life of the sealing elements.

  • Light and Ozone Sources: To reduce the effects of ozone on rubber material, oilseals should be stored in an environment that will not be exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, it should be kept away from sources that contribute to ozone formation (mercury vapor lamps, high voltage electric motors, etc.).

  • Possible Damages during Storage and Transportation: The stored environment of the sealing element should be planned in a way that prevents any mechanical damage resulting of a heavy object falling on the part. In addition, if stacking is done during storage, the seals should not be deformed by weight. It should be considered to stack the sealing elements in a way that the axis of the shaft operating during transportation and storage is perpendicular to the ground.

  • Packaging: The packaging should be capable of protecting the oil seal from dust, sand and other contaminants and mechanical deformation. It should not transmit light.

  • Shelf Life: Permanent changes occur in the rubber material properties after a certain period of vulcanization. This time depends on the chemical structure of the base polymer.

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