Corporate | Work Health and Safety - Environmental Policy

"As FEKO family, adhere to the legal regulations and other requirements regarding working health - safety and environment that we are obliged to comply with; continuously improve the working health and safety and environmental management system performance; providing ergonomic, healthy and safe work environments that prevent hurt and health deterioration, especially in the processes where chemical and machine use is prominent; To fulfill our responsibility to leave a clean environment for future generations by managing the risks related to environmental pollution caused by the use of chemicals and metals; To develop environmental and occupational health and safety awareness for employees are our policies"

LEAVING A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT TO THE FUTURE GENERATION - FEKO maintains its goal of leaving a clean environment for future generations by considering the legal and customer requirements, promoting the environmental knowledge of the employees, controlling the wastes resulted by the use of chemicals and metals and carrying out social responsibility administration.

ERGONOMIC, HEALTHY AND SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT - FEKO, in order to ensure that its individual members of the family work in an ergonomic, healthy and safe work environment; It manages work safety risks in all its processes, especially in using chemicals and machinery, by complying according legal and customer requirements. In order to ensure the contribution of its employees in the management of these risks, it aims to increase the awareness of the employees in occupational safety basis.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - FEKO provides systematic continuous improvement of processes related to work safety and environmental management with the continuous improvement philosophy embedded in its identity. The biggest driving force of these activities is the support received from the employees.

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