Corporate | Quality Policy

As the FEKO family, our quality policy to increase company profitability relies on meeting and exceeding the changing and developing demands of customers by presenting products and services that comply their expectations; developing a systematic philosophy of continuous improvement in collaboration with employees; ensuring the trust and satisfaction of employees.

FEKO owes being a reliable and preferred brand in sealants and bearings context to its conducted and nonstop developing quality policy.

CUSTOMER PRIORITY - FEKO; due to a standard and continuously developed quality is a reliable company that provides customer loyalty with a, reliable price policy, ability of express product delivery, technical solutions offered in cooperation with customers.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - FEKO has adopted the vision of creating a comprehensive effect on customers and suppliers by realizing its continuous improvement philosophy in cooperation with employees. The company continues to pursue its suppliers with the foresight of continuous improvement and to provide added value by providing a driving force to its customers.

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION- FEKO, as a family company, adopts each of employees as a member of the family and supposes them as parts of the company. The company believes that the sustainable success can only be achieved through a mutual trust atmosphere with its employees. Therefore, it constantly evaluates and consequently increases employee satisfaction.

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